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We, at FORCE would like to welcome all those Companies who would like to be part of our Network. Please find some more information hereunder.
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About US

"Creating International Ties Between Cargo Experts For the Pursuit Of Excellence In The Freight Forwarding Industry"

FORCE, or Freight Organization of Related Cargo Experts, is a world-wide association of independent freight forwarders, providing multimodal global transportation and logistics services. Established in 1982 the network has continually attracted quality growth to it's membership year on year, representing and increasing it's presence in all major markets.

It was founded back in 1982, when six freight forwarders from Europe, America and Africa met in New York. At that first meeting it was decided to develop an international network of independent, compatible freight forwarders, which would work together for both company and customer benefit. The next meeting took place in Paris in the following year, where both the name and logo were adopted. The name FORCE and it's original acronym - Family of Related Cargo Experts - embodies the spirit in which these independent companies now continue to work together.

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